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HeLLO August///Busy Busy đź’“ Hot Hot!!!!

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I hardly know where to begin.. Good news? Bad news? Good news 1st!!! ZsaZsa Gabone & I were featured among so many lovely others in Ali Gatie's brand new music video, 'It's You" in 2 days it has over one million views!! we are routing for Ali to be the next BiG thing!! What a sweetheart and the song is just as sweet... You can watch it right here... HERE

thursday 8/1  9pm
SoLo yikes!!!! well some special guests just might show up....
Jokers Lodge


the Rewlettes.... at Reverb
the Rewlettes  
Friday  Aug 9
7pm at Bowery Electric {Map Room}
Aug 11 at
9pm Ottos Shrunken Head

Ok the Bad News.... Almighty Facebook has deleted my very first ever Facebook page.
Here is a letter you can send to them to get my page back... I appreciate you & should you have a minute to copy , paste and send I would be so grateful. If you don't it's fine too!!!

please send your email to
just copy & paste below....

Hello FaceBook,
I am a supporter and friend of ReW STaRR and I am concerned that there is something amiss in your pool of employees overseeing profile monitoring.

Recently, this account link was removed from FaceBook:

When I inquired asking for more detail this is what ReW STaRR wrote in response:

"some one just asked me what happened was i sanctioned or banned.. here's my response.. nope neither of those things.. i had an original facebook page from the beginning . i got over 5000 friends so started a 2nd page .. someone last week on this 2nd page (which i went through facebook identity years ago on.. and was approves & confirmed as legit), 'a friend' reported to Facebook that my original page was an imposter impersonating to be me  and Facebook removed it. They said "we removed someone who is trying to be your imposter."  IT WAS NOT AN IMPOSTER it was my first ever facebook page with all my oldest friends and family and pictures, etc. You get it??"


I ask that you please review this information and consider re-instating   
to it's rightful owner, ReW STaRR.


The response ReW is quoted above in her own words, leads me to believe that the actions of your employee must be reviewed and brought to light the pain and suffering you are causing by administering mental distress for one of the members of the public for whom has many eyes watching this unfold.


The only proper publicly accepted outcome is that ReW STaRR is given treatment of fairness and transparency with regard to this circumstance through yopur internal investigative process that should render the outcome that, ReW STaRR is a wonderful person that we brought harm to with our thoughtless actions here at FaceBook Head Quarters.


I look forward to seeing ReW's original Friends Profile reactivated shortly.


Re-activate this profile immediately:


Sincerley yours, 


(Write name here)  

so much more filming is brewing... some shooting, some post production,
some scheduled.. some will be released soon....
 I recently HEARD THE BOY WHO INSPIRED THIS TRACK has passed away...
When i wrote this song, I thought he may have been dead, and then through the internet I found out he was not... we had a few emails over the past few years like once a year and then I got an email from his daughter whom I never had any interaction with ever about the news...
this song has really become alive more than ever to me.. 

Check it out.. LISTEN HERE
download...laugh.. request on SPOTIFY!!
 HERE on iTunes

International Women's Day aka imperfect girl day!!!!
click this WATCH THE 
 music video for

imperfect girl' my song directed, produced and just the whole darn thing
created by my very talented magical daughter
Harlee Ludwig

upcoming gigzzz

Sunday May 12 9pm Otto's shrunken head
unday June 2 Parkside Lounge
CONFESSIONS of a MUSICIAN is a book ZsaZsa & I are featured in!!!  It's actually an AMAZON BEST SELLER!!!! Brilliant book with sincere stories by musicians with passion and knowledge of this chosen or unchosen path!!!! lots to learn and identify with.... incredible author Mark Piantanida

volume 2 is coming and you can be in it too!!!!!

get yours TODAY!!!!
WATCH 'Social Suicide'
the brand new video 
by Rachel Navarro

it is as true a story as you will ever see.....



...he is by far my FAVORiTE rapper hands down.. ..
witty, classy, articulate for sure!!!
i LUV ZsaZsa GaBone!!!!
at the 'Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival' !!!!
'Best Actress Nominee'  ~ 'Garbaggio'

Have you heard this yet?? the AMAZING LAFAYETTE GiLCREST is on keys!!!

my song that was inspired by the Academy Award Documentary 'AMY'...
'Miss House of Wine'
it's playing ON Genya Ravan's Sirius radio show too!!!
{friday 11pm on Little Steven's Underground}
 it's REALLY out on Manta Ray Records 

this link tells the real story and has the link to itunes... xXx 


Thurs OCT 5
â€Ĺ“Sistas Conversation” the documentary by the talented Shelley Seashellfilms 
(I am so honored to be a part of) was in KEEPS WINNING AWARDS!!!!!!


a Little solo treat from GoGirls MMNY 2017.. i got to perform with ZsaZsa Gabone xxxxx
click here and see if you see my baby!!!
HOT OFF THE PRESS... the incredible, amazing, out of this world masterpiece
by Marlowe B West in Steel Notes Mag about the *ReW & WhO* Tribute.. ENJOY!!!!! Get yourself to PAGE 26 NOW.. and then read the rest of the entire magazine... it ROX!!!
photos: Johan Vipper
Please enjoy this incredible review in the HUFFINGTON POST of  'What They'll Remember'  the play I was blessed to be a part of.  Big thanks to Jed Ryan for writing this piece. I am compared to 'Olivia Benson from Law & Order SVU'  WOW!!!
"ReW STaRR expertly plays a character very different from her public image of urban scenester. As the no-nonsense Dr. Oakley, her character is in the same vein of rare female characters (Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson on â€Ĺ“Law and Order: SVU” comes to mind.) who can be staid and tough without losing their innate female compassion and empathy."
what a TREAT meeting Coati Mundi of                 Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - Cherchez La Femme
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